I’m a professional dancer and have found Patrick’s sessions (massage and AIS) to be incredibly beneficial in recovery from minor injuries and pinpointing areas of overuse. Patrick always takes the time needed in consultations before a session to discuss my primary issues and to create a plan for the session. I was referred to Patrick about five years ago and he has become one of my biggest recovery resources. - Claire E.

Patrick is an amazing massage therapist. His knowledge of Active Isolated Stretching, Neuromuscular Massage and Sports Massage make him one of the best massage therapists in Atlanta, especially if you are an athlete. I suffer with a lot of hip and low back pain from road biking and Patrick is able to work on my hip flexors, back and glutes in such a specialized way that I always feel so much better after a massage. Patrick really takes his time to figure out where your pain is coming from and is able to provide you significant relief from your pain. I highly recommend anyone with pain see Patrick, particularly if you are an athlete because of the active isolated stretching he provides in conjunction with massage therapy.   - Katie L.

I have chronic migraines and feel a release of the tension that causes them after I get deep tissue massage therapy from Patrick. Our sessions also help me increase my flexibility and prepare me for a deeper yoga practice.    -Laurel B.

I simply don't know what I would do without my sessions with Patrick.  I work as a chef, spending long hours on my feet in physically demanding environments.  I have had serious problems with lower back and knee pain, sometimes so uncomfortable that I didn't know how I would continue with my day.  Patrick is able to pinpoint the problem areas and through a genius combination of stretching and deep massage, is able to alleviate all of the pain.  Not only that, but he gives you thoughtful insight as to what you can do in your daily life to prevent further stress on the body. Understand - this not your typical massage, where you feel better for a few days and then the problems return. After a session with Patrick,  I am able to enjoy long term, blissful relief.  He truly is a master at what he does.  Not only does he genuinely care for your well being but he has a deep understanding of the body, is technically proficient and is able to tailor your sessions to efficiently give you exactly what you need.  I have been going to Patrick for a few years now and am constantly amazed at what he is able to accomplish.  I cannot praise him enough. -Eric W

I was referred to Patrick a little over six years ago by a friend. I had been complaining of lower back pain that was interfering with my ability to run. Patrick was amazing. He discussed with me areas of concern and also addressed areas that didn't necessarily hurt, but were contributing to the problem. Since that time, Patrick has helped to keep me running pain free. He is extremely knowledgeable and i have always trusted his suggestions on what should be addressed during a session, as well as stretching exercises to complete in between appointments. Patrick is incredibly professional and the only massage therapist i would go to in the Atlanta area.   - Bryan

Entering into my 60’s, I began looking for a physical therapy that would strengthen my body keeping me toned, flexible and strong.  I enjoy yoga, qigong, walking, cycling and swimming.  While reading Dr. Mercola’s latest book, “Effortless Health”, I read about AIS and immediately googled Patrick and set an appointment.                                                                                                                                                                                                       My experience with Patrick and AIS has been an interesting journey learning more about my body in a different way.  I enjoy the deep feelings of tendons and muscles stretching and then experiencing the strengthening of these muscle groups.  After a session with Patrick, I feel strong and alive.  I have an intense feeling of chi pumping through my body - blood flowing.  I’ve never felt anything like this experience.  For me, it is all consuming, a total body experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Patrick is really an amazing guide/facilitator through the stretching.  I trust him totally and feel confident that he will help me keep my body flexible and strong using AIS.  I’m very thankful for this gift of Patrick’s knowledge and experience.   - Sharon

My choice of sport is primarily powerlifting. I first contacted Patrick after some severe SI joint pain would simply not go away, and it was preventing me from lifting. He took the time to show me some stretches to reach that difficult area of my spine to help alleviate the pain prior to seeing him in clinic. Between the stretches I learned and a massage session with him in clinic, I finally recovered and got back under the bar. His advice has stayed with me and is a regular part of my routine now!                                                                                                                                        A massage session with Patrick also helped me tremendously after a car accident left me with a strained neck, leaving me uncomfortable 24/7. I was severely limited in my ability to exercise, and sleep was nearly impossible. Though I had some relief immediately after my session, it was the quick recovery that occurred in the next few days after my session that made me so happy I had gone to see Patrick.                                 I would recommend his services to everyone (and I do), as I feel his best quality is when you visit him, he listens to your body’s unique problems so that your session is tailored especially for you.   - Ariana S.

I began receiving massages and stretching from Patrick back in 2010 and they have drastically improved my overall health.  Because of his pathophysiology knowledge, he was able to assist in the treatment of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, by identifying specific joints and muscles that would benefit from isolated massage and stretching. I immediately felt relief that no other physician or provider had been able to offer.  Patrick also took a holistic approach to my health and suggested diet changes that have improved my health and decreased inflammation.  I am so thankful to have found Patrick!   - Candace N.

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I have a lot of tension from working mostly sitting, and then being a long distance runner. My tension is in my hips, and my back. Patrick was able to help me learn how to stretch the bits that needed it to relieve some of the pressure. I've added strength training to my routine, and the chest stretches he taught me make a huge difference in my upper body performance and resting time.    - Valerie R.

I am indebted to Patrick for his profound understanding of the body and how tackle its muscular issues. As an avid yoga practitioner and runner, Patrick has effectively addressed my persistent lower back issues through massage and stretching. I appreciate the care with which he learns the idiosyncrasies of each clients body and needs. His individual kindness and compassion pore through his hands and into his work.  Thank you, Patrick.   - Natasha N.

Patrick is the one I go to when my muscles are in knots because I have neglected to stretch or have not been doing a range of activities.  He always "listens" to what my body needs and is able to do deep work and find the spots that need help.  When I leave Patrick, I feel "taller", longer in my body, and both energized and relaxed.  I can feel the difference when I walk or exercise, and usually sleep better as well.  He is aware of the finest points of body mechanics and is incredibly knowledgeable about how the body works. When I visit Patrick, I have less neck and back pain and my posture improves.  He's a wonder!   - Marcia

After years of sports injuries, it is important to find a massage therapist to ease the wear and tear i put on my body on a regular basis. Patrick does just that. I have seen him for three years now for both his stretching and massage services. Each session starts with me describing my current issues to Patrick and the areas i would like him to concentrate on. He then uses active stretching techniques to wake up the areas of the body he is going to work on. After that is the massage portion which is the best that you can get in Atlanta. I've traveled the world looking for hands as talented as Patrick's. Because of these sessions, i can carry heavy loads with ease, lift heavier weights when working out and i even notice that i sleep better when i see him on a regular basis. he is not only comfortable to be around, but he listens to me and caters the service to what my body needs.           -Darla M.

If you are a current client of Patrick's and would like to submit a testimonial, please feel free to contact him via email or phone.